Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Great Wolf Lodge!!!

In case you didn't all know... Ricky, Kaleb and I spent the night at The Great Wolf Lodge in Grand Mound, WA. We had a blast!!! Here are some pictures! Check out the smile on Kaleb's face on the last slide!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Latest & Greatest

Info on the new slide show...

I have finally sat down to get the pictures I have been promising up on here, and the camera was dead, so I couldn't upload them. But it charged long enough for me to upload and here we are... so here is the descriptions of the order...
First is pictures of us at the Everett Mall. We went to a dinosaur dig store where you dig for jewles, fossils, fool's gold, and teeth. Kaleb loved it so much he wanted to get in! On the outside of the store, there was a dino theamed playground.
Then it was Saturday the 28th of June, and we went to "the little gym" in Everett, they specialize in motor development for children. We saw them a few months back at the Marysville Healthy Kids day and decided to give it a shot. Lucky for us, they give everyone a free trial. So we went, and will be signing Kaleb up for class in the fall.
Later that night, I had a girls night (I was the DD), and Ricky stayed home with Mark and Julie's 3 and Kaleb, they had a blast rough housing together and having a mini photo shoot! Looks like Ricky is ready for another baby!!! (I am NOT pregnant, but we are "trying")
The next day, Ricky invited some friends over for a BBQ and Mark and Julie and the gang came over too for a little splash time in the sun! The 4 littler kids had a great time running around in the water and the pool.
The ones of our legs and Kaleb is when Ricky and I were playing WII Fit. Kaleb wanted to play too, so he did! He tried so hard to get on the board with us, but he couldn't fit. When we gave him a chance to get on, he wanted nothing to do with it and wanted to put on my flip-flops instead.
The 4th of July was later that week and we went over to Mark and Julie's (we sure spent a lot of time with them that week!). They had a BBQ and set off some $400 worth of fireworks. Kaleb wasn't really into it so he want to bed and Julie and I hung out in the "gated community" with the kids while the boys played with the fireworks. Julie, me and the kids were almoset set on fire at the end of the night, so we went in and put the 3 down and cleaned up.
Overall we have had a few busy weeks, and it is only July, but we are looking forward to the nice weather in the future and plan to take advantage of every minute of sunshine there is! Enjoy the show!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The last few days...

So I haven't written in a while but I will just write a quick update and upload some pictures after this weekend is over. Since the last time, we have been back to the water park in Everett, had a girls night out, started to potty train Kaleb, had a BBQ at our house and the regular everyday stuff.
For the 4Th we are planning on going over to Mark and Julie's for some fun in the sun, BBQ and some fireworks. We don't have a whole lot of other plans but we are going to hit the potty training thing hard this weekend. Maybe by this time next month we will be a diaper free home!!! It is sad to think that Kaleb is getting so big. He is learning more and more everyday and really making a lot of progress since his tubes.
That is all for now, but I will get some new pics up soon. Take care all and Happy 4Th!!!