Thursday, September 25, 2008

Kaleb's Halloween Costume


We ordered Kaleb's costume off of ebay and we got it today. So naturally I put him in it and took some pictures. It is all one piece and none other than Mickey Mouse himself. He looks so cute in it and when he saw it for the first time, he gave him a big hug! What a little sweety we have. I can't wait to take him around our neighborhood.
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Monday, September 8, 2008

Kaleb's New Sibling

Since we are expecting a new baby in the family, we decided to get Kaleb a new baby so that she will be used to having a little one around. It is kinda far fetched but, hey it sounds like a good idea. Above is a video of Kaleb interacting with "JoSue Sammy" S/he is a Cabbage Patch Newborn doll that acutally pees their diaper! And if you know Kaleb like we do, smelling the baby isn't anything out of the ordinary.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Kaleb's MRI

A few days ago Ricky, Kaleb and I went down to Children's Hospital for a MRI of Kaleb's brain. You might already know that we are on the hunt to figure out why Kaleb is not learning at the rate that a two year old should be. We have him in speech and physical therapy to try and jump start him into catching him up with where he should already be. So among the many tests past, present and future that he will have to undergo, a MRI of his brain was the hardest so far. The first picture is of him before his scan and next is a picture right as he was waking up. We have a really funny video but it will not upload because the file size is too big. I know it is mean of Ricky and I to laugh but after what we had all just been through it is a good release of some nervous thoughts that were in our minds. Kaleb did really well with the anesthesia and is beginning to be a pro at coming out of it. He had PE Tubes placed in February of 2008 and it was the most horrible thing to watch as your own child does not recognize you or your voice for a good 45 minutes and thrashes when you try to hold him. We have Genetics, and Neuro Developmental Testing next. I will keep up with the blog to inform everyone on how he is doing and the test results. Kaleb's MRI should no abnormalities (Thank GOD!)so that is one of the reasons we are moving onto further testing.