Friday, December 26, 2008

Kaleb's Christmas

At first I thought that Kaleb would not want anything to do with opening Christmas gifts, but I was wrong. He wasn't ripping into them or anything and actually he wanted to make sure that every piece of tape and paper was off the gift before he even laid eyes on whatever it was that was inside. Ricky and I let him open all of the gifts that were under the tree and he was actually interested until we were about 3/4 of the way done. Well at least until he opened his Thomas the Train cho cho set. Once that was open and he saw what it was, he didn't care about anything else that could possibly be opened. So Ricky and I finished and lets just say that he hasn't stopped playing with his cho cho since.
Thank you to all of you that were so giving this year. Because you were so generous, Ricky and I only bought Kaleb 2 things, everything was given or purchased with a gift card that he was given. So THANK YOU AGAIN!!!
Pictures to come...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

playing in the snow

Sorry the pictures are little. Just get really close to your screen and you will be able to give him a kiss and see a little better! :)

Kaleb's 1st time playing in the snow...

Kaleb learning how to make snowballs!

Just a little update...

Ricky and I went to another ultra sound about a week ago, for a check up on the baby's kidneys. It turns out that the alarming number to be worried about is 7mm and the baby's kidney was at 6mm. So we are in the "clear" zone. The dr there said that the pediatricians' would want to do a ultrasound a week or two after he is born. So until then, we are going to stop worrying so much and focus on having a healthy baby boy. Now the next obstical is yet another glucose tollerance test. I was gestational with Kaleb, so they screaned me early and I failed my one hour but passed my three hour. Since it was early this time I still need to do it again at 28 weeks. Which is only about a week away. I am going in on Monday to take it before I leave for MN. Anyways, I thought that everyone would just like an update.
We are going to play in the snow in a little while so I will get those pictures up soon.
Take care everyone! We love you all.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Kaleb and Santa

They both look SO scared! At least there were NO tears (by either of them).

It's a waiting game!

I know it has been a really long time since I have put some new pictures up... and I am sorry. I could make an excuse and say that the last month has been really busy. But that won't cut it for some so I will just say that Ricky's mom is here until Wednesday and we have been taking pictures every day so I will get them up soon.
We went to go and see Santa last night so I will get that one up too.

Love you all!