Friday, May 23, 2008

On our way down to.....

DISNEYLAND!!! We leave on eraly Sunday morning for California. We will be visiting Ricky's Aunt and Uncle for a few days and then we will be going to DisneyLand, California Adventures and Sea World. We are so excited to go. A lot of pictures will be taken so I will be sure to post them next Saturday when we get home. So make sure you take a look!
On to other news, Kaleb has started saying more words, He will count 1,2,3 on his fingers, he says "DA DA" "UH OH" "SIT DOWN" "NA" (for more) "ALL DONE" "THANK YOU" Of course these words are not said and pronounced perfectly, but hey, it's a start and we are excited for him.
It is time for bed so I will write more when we get back!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Guess what??? Kaleb has 2 words!!! Well if you want to get technical, he has 3. He says (when he purposely drops something on the floor) "uh-oh" and when he sees Ricky or me for the first time in a while he says "hhhhhhhhhhhii" in a high pitched voice. I will try to get these one video and post them if I get them. Just thought you would like to know!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The BIG day Kaleb and Firsts!

Today was Kaleb's first trip to the dentist. He was a little apprehensive at first when I opened the office door. So we read a book and within 5 minutes he was warmed up and was playing. Then it was time to go into the exam room. He was a little apprehensive again and when I picked him up he wanted to get down, only to run out of the room. Once the dentist came into the room, he looked at him like he was an alien. So we played with his mask for a minute, with his gloves and then it was time to look in his mouth. The dentist and I did this thing called a "knee to knee exam" which means that Kaleb sat on my lap facing me, and when he laid back his head was in the dentist's lap, and his and my knees met. As soon as he laid back, he started to cry. But that is a good thing since when he cries his mouth is open. He put some fluoride on his teeth, looked around with the mirror and explorer. He cried the whole time and tears ran down the sides of his face. But that was to be expected. Overall, he did great and we are so proud of him. Then I took him to school so I could get some school work done. Ricky picked him up on his way home and we went to see Kaleb's first movie in a movie theater. We saw "Horton hears a Who" which is a pretty good kid movie. Kaleb was amazed at first, then he got bored. Since we were the only ones in the theater Kaleb was entertained by playing in the rows. He watched the movie off and on but wasn't afraid of the larger than life characters. So Kaleb had a big day! One that will not be forgotten.

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Since the last post, a lot of things have happened. Kaleb's Grandma, Aunt and Cousin came out to visit. They stayed here for a whole week. We did a lot of things, like, going to the zoo, shopping, played, and ate A LOT! We are glad that they were able to come out and spend some time with us. A few weeks after that, we celebrated Kaleb's 2nd birthday. We had it at the Children's Museum in Everett, WA. The weekend after that we went to Craig's 5th birthday party. That same day we went to the Tulip Festival. Since then, we have been planning our trip to Disney Land in California. Kaleb doesn't completely understand what going to Disney means, but when he sees Mickey for the first time in real life, I am sure he will be exstatic. While we are in CA we will also be visiting Uncle Steve and Aunt Mary who live in Lake Forest, CA. More to come... enjoy the slide show!