Friday, October 31, 2008

Carving Pumkins

This is how Ricky carves pumkins. My sister says, "It must be a Pittsburgh thing!"

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Ricky got these pictures the other night when we went into tuck Kaleb into bed. He is such a sweet little boy!!
Just in case you can't tell, that is Mickey Mouse he is holding onto!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Kaleb being Kaleb

This was taken the other night. He had been trying to get the cat to go into the bathroom all night long. I think to go potty? Anyways, I had been trying to get the video, I got what I wanted; but Kaleb didn't. He is sooooo close though!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Taking a break from homework...

I have been at homework for the last two hours and I feel like my brain is going to crumble into mush if I don't take a break... so here I am. In case you haven't heard yet, we found out what the sex of the baby is.......... a BOY! We are really excited and can't wait to meet him. I guess Leah is out of the question now, so are there any good ideas for us? I still like Austin and Ricky doesn't, and he likes Ethan and I don't. Typical when it comes to picking names out!

On another note, we went to The Roloff Farms this weekend in Hillsboro, OR. We made it a little mini vacation. We drove down (about a 4 hour drive) on Saturday after Ricky got off of work, spent the night Saturday and Sunday night. In case you don't know what Roloff Farms is... it is the farm that the Roloff family has built and is featured on "Little People Big World". They open their pumpkin patch, hay rides and tours to the public every Halloween season. We had an awesome time and took some really neat pictures. On Monday we went to the Oregon Zoo. We had a great time there too, but the farm was the highlight of the trip! Here are a few pictures from the weekend. The last one is of Ricky, Kaleb and I with Molly (daughter on the show) with Honey and PaPa (her grandparents; Matt's mom and Dad).

Sunday, October 5, 2008


I have duty this weekend, which means that I basically have to work the whole weekend. Today my job was to drive one of our active duty members to the airport, since he is deploying on Monday. Anyways, I had a lot of driving today and on the way back I came up with a possible boy and girl name. The boy name that I like is Austin Dean; named after Ricky's best friend and my dad. And the girl name that I like is Leah Ann; named after mine and Ricky's sister. Ricky on the other hand isn't too sure of what to think of them and he is still stuck on Ethan for a boy. I don't like the name and I think that it is too common right now to name my own kid that.
So everyone, tell me what you think. Or if you have any other ideas shoot them this way.
BTW I have another OB appointment on the 14th and will have an ultrasound shortly after to find out the sex. We are so excited and are on the fence now of if we are hoping for a boy or a girl. It seems like all of our friends and family want us to have a girl, so that is starting to wear on us and we are getting used to the idea.
So, let us know what you think!