Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I Know... I know

So I know that I am the worst blogger ever! I seem to never have the time or the brain to remember to add a little note or a picture here and there. Well, since the last time I wrote, (like always) a lot has gone on.
The summer quarter has ended, and I boosted my GPA, thank God! We are in Minnesota right now, we got here on the 17th at 5am and since then we have had NO time to enjoy anything since all 5 adults and 2 toddlers have gotten sick! That's right, it started with Ricky and Kaleb the day after we got here, we thought that we could blame it on the Olive Garden since that is where we had lunch that day, but when Riley (my nephew) got sick, we knew that it wasn't the Olive Garden. So we went to Urgent Care for Kaleb, he is on antibiotics for another ear infection. After 2 days of no eating, throwing up and some oh so fun GI issues, we moved onto the next person. So Saturday came, and it was time for the wedding, everything was going great, we thought that the bug had passed and we were over it. Then my mom gets an upset stomach at the cocktail party before the bride and groom came to the reception, next to go during dinner was Lisa, then on the way home Kyle (who was driving) was making the free way a race track so that he could hurry up and get home to take care of himself since he was starting to get sick. My mom and Kyle had a race to the bathroom all night, and same with the rest of the next day, then it was my turn! I ended up only with an upset stomach, nothing worse. Which I am thankful for!! Monday was the Fair day. The original plan was to go with everyone except Kyle (who left to go back to school on Sunday). My mom was still achy so she stayed behind and the 5 of us went. Well we lasted about 4 hours and couldn't take the crowd so we left. We get home, Riley isn't very happy with anything and we find out that he is running a fever of 103.3 so off to the ER Lisa and I go. We get done in about 2 hours and thought then we were done with the sickness. The next night (tonight) my mom and Lisa agree to watch Kaleb so Ricky and I can go eat a dinner with no kids. We get a phone call when we are 2 minutes away from home and it's Lisa, she is going back to the ER because Riley wont eat, drink and wont stop vomiting AGAIN! When it was just Ricky sick, my mom made the comment, "Why don't you guys take your germs back to Washington?" Now I am wondering the same thing. But we still had a good time away from home, and it will definitely be hard to go back to work on Thursday since I have been off since the 13th.
Moving on....
As some of you may already know, Ricky and I are pregnant again. We found out around the first week of July, but didn't want to really spread the word until we were a little further along. We are due in March and praying for another boy!
I better get off to bed now, take care everyone and thank you for reading!