Friday, April 17, 2009

More Firsts...

Kaleb's First Day of Preschool was on Thursday (his birthday). His teachers said that he had a good first day and we are so proud of him. His birthday was spent at his new school, with me at work (the Girl's threw me a baby shower), and then we decided that we would come home for a nap and hit up Chuck E Cheese's. We all had a great time, but about 2 hours into it, Kaleb had enough. He was lathargic and walking like a little zombie. So we went home. Come to find out, he has a fever of 104.3! Yikes, down went some Tylenol and off to bath and bed he went. Today we had another first for Kaleb. His first REAL hair cut. We have been giving him hair cuts about every month or so since he was about 4 months old! But since it is his birthday party tomorrow, we decided it was time to give it a shot. There were tears of course, but he did really well and I think we will make this a monthly thing now. He is getting so big, it is hard to believe that 3 years ago, I wasn't even out of the hospital with him yet. Time flies way too fast. And now I understand why moms have such a hard time letting their "babies" go. Here are a few pictures of Kaleb's BIG days!!
Walking into his new school
This is the birthday hat he got at school


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Mark and Julie said...

I can't believe he's in preschool already, where has baby kaleb gone??? I also can't believe I've known you for 3 years, that is just crazy! Thanks for being such an amazing friend Katy! And tell Ricky that too. Cassie was asking about him today.

The kids are STILL talking about his party. "Kaleb's happy birthday" is what they keep calling it LOL.