Thursday, May 14, 2009

Update, but no pictures... at least not right now...

Hi all! So it's been a while, but let me just say that I can't seem to get enough hours out of everyday. I am still in school and it's nothing new, but it seems like I get home from work, and eat, clean and sleep. But we are working on a more structured schedule and it seems to be getting better. Kaleb is still in preschool and Ricky and I couldn't be happier, he is continuing to change everyday and it seems like he is getting smarter every second. The other day, he was int he car saying "cookie, cookie" so I said, do you want a cookie? He promptly says... "no" in his sweet little voice. I couldn't help but laugh hystarically. He is just so funny. Joshua is doing great! He is gaining weight faster and faster, since the last time that he was weighed, he had gained a total of 3 pounds in 2 months!! He sure can eat. Just like his daddy, that is for sure. Anyways, we are doing well and are very happy. More to come once I found out where I can get some more time. Love you all!!!

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